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Adam Feeser


Adam has been around the Miss Gay America system for over 5 years, from competing to becoming a pageant director/promoter during his time as Manager of Stallions. He understands the complexities of the contest, as well as what it takes to win Miss Gay Pennsylvania America. 
Jeremy Schlieve


Jeremy has been around the drag community for the last four years and this is his inaugural season in the America system. He has a business take on the system which he attributes to the last 13 years he was in the military.

Jeremy is also the city level promoter for Miss Gay Lancaster America and Mr. Gay Pennsylvania America.

Promoter Chairperson and President: Adam Feeser (717) 999-3766; [email protected]

Treasurer and Vice President: Jeremy Schlieve (910) 257-2832; [email protected]
     -Accounts Payable/Receivable

Titleholder: Jaslene Dickson - [email protected]

Pageant Director: Jason Cross - [email protected]

Fundraising Chairperson: Vacant

Contestant/Former Liaison: Vacant - MGPAA Alumi Association Member

Event Committee Chairperson: Sean Sabot
     -Promotional Material

Reporter/Secretary: Vacant

Miss Gay Pennsylvania

Miss Gay PA 2019
Date: July 2019

2019 Venue Information:

Adam Feeser
Jeremy Schlieve
(717) 745-7473